A former industrial hub back in the communist days, powered by its universities, Iași has since transformed into one of the main IT hubs of Romania. Close to 20.000 IT professionals work in Iași today and this number is forecasted to grow to over 33.000 by 2025.

According to a 2017 World Bank report, Iași is one of the magnet cities of Romania, a destination of internal and external migration and it has one of the most diversified and value added economies from all the cities in our country.

In 2015, 1160 software developers from all over the world responded to a splinter.me survey and called Romania the 4th best country in the world to work in as a software professional. This is true and Iași is a perfect example of that.

Hundreds of IT & Outsourcing companies operate in Iași, ranging from big multinationals employing many hundreds to small local software shops. Among them we can count Amazon, Oracle, Xerox, Capgemini and many many other. They offer excellent professional opportunities that are very well rewarded, and they’re always looking to hire.

Automotive & Aerospace is a growing industry in Iași, both on the IT and R&D side and also in manufacturing: Continental, Delphi, Lear, IGW, BMT – Aerospace, Aerostar and others employ thousands.

Pharma is a traditionally strong sector, with Antibiotice Iași being one of the largest pharma companies in the country.

The 5 universities, their associated research centers and other research and academic institutions employ thousands of professors, assistants, lab workers, and researches.

With some of the largest hospitals in the country in our city, the health industry is one of the largest employers in the city.

For many of those coming from other countries, browsing in Iași will feel like magic: we’ve had gigabyte through fiber to the door for years now for about 15 EUR a month, way before Google made a big deal out of their Kansas experiment. 4G is everywhere, blazing fast and cheap. Iași has the 5th fastest broadband from all the cities in the world. 

According to Pin Magazine, Iași has one of the best developed and fasted growing stocks of modern office building in Romania:


Start your business in Iași? Of course

We’re not forgetting about entrepreneurship. While our bureaucracy has a way to improve, it is getting better and don’t let that stop you. In some industries at least (IT, creative), Iași may just be the ideal place to start a business. Romania offers one of the lowest costs of starting a company in Europe: you can incorporate an LLC with under a 150 EUR in fees, taxes and mandatory starting capital and then enjoy a flat corporate rate of 16% on your profits and a 5% tax on dividends.

We have several coworking and creative spaces, fablabs and maker spaces, with a couple more about to be announced:

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