Romania suffered from a communist dictatorship up until 1989 and that hasn’t helped our civic spirit as we came out of it dazed and confused.

That great news is that new generation is changing all that and youths in Iași are finding meaning and are developing useful skills through volunteering and community involvement.

Iași is these days bustling with NGO’s and communities that need your help. Social, good governance, eco, animal welfare, professional communities welcoming beginners, student leagues and organizations, they are always looking for people willing to lend a helping hand and be part of the team.

Just a few examples below. Come to Iași and you’re sure to find a way to contribute and grow while doing it.

  • Iași Community Foundation

    Fundația Comunitară Iași is a hub for dozens of educational and social projects. Two of their biggest annual events are Swimathon and Cross for Schools, with hundreds of volunteers, tens of causes and thousands of participants and donors.

  • Mai Bine

    Mai Bine (meaning ‘better’) is focused on protecting the environment and developing healthy consumption habits through programs such as “Water without plastic” and helping peasants from nearby villages market and sell their locally produced organic vegetables.

  • Student leagues and associations

    Every university and most faculties have their own student leagues. The usual suspects (AIESEC, BEST, JCI, UN YOUTH etc) all have well developed local chapters.

  • Professional communities

    There are tens of software development and engineering (but not only) communities actives in Iași. Professionals meet regularity to discuss their trade and share best practices. They are all free (or next to free) and beginners are welcomed.

  • Codecamp

    Codecamp is Romania’s largest IT conference. It now takes places in 10 cities but it started in Iași where it’s still the largest. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, between 2000 and 3000 people attend the hundreds of talks, workshops and master classes available. Paid premium content is available for the experienced, but the free day is open to all.

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