• Library of Technical University of Iași, named by boredpanda as one of the 25 most beautiful in the world

Iași is one of the largest cities in the country and the capital of the province of Moldova, one of the three historical provinces of Romania, an EU and NATO member country.


With close to half a million metro area inhabitants, Iași is one of the success stories of today’s Romania, having undergone an almost complete transformation and resurgence after a difficult decade in the 90’s. Today, Iași is growing, vibrant and many call it the next star city of our country.

Our ambitions are high: we aim to be a city of regional importance in CEE.

We welcome Romanian and foreign students, from the EU and outside. We’re proud to host over 60.000 students out of which over 10.000 are from abroad. For example, the Medical University of Iași has 12.000 students of no less than 18 different nationalities.

  • Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

    Oldest university in Romania, largest in Iași, consistently rated in top 3 Romanian institutes of higher education. 15 faculties, including Romania’s first computer software college. Humanities, economics, social sciences, math, physics, chemistry and computer science.

  • Technical University of Iași, Gheorghe Asachi

    The country’s top rated engineering university, second largest after Cuza. 11 faculties, including computer engineering, electronics, mechanical studies, robotics and others.

  • Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy

    Classified by the Ministry of Education as an advanced research and education university, it covers Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Biomedical Engineering. Its 12000 students (9000 undergrads and 3000 postgraduates) are some of the most ethnically diverse from any university in the country.

  • George Enescu National University of Arts

    Established in 1860, it has three faculties: Faculty of Music Performance, Composition, and Music Studies, Theatre Faculty and the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design.

  • Ion Ionescu de la Brad University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Iași

    Located on top of the scenic Copou hill, not far from Cuza, it has 4 faculties: Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

Higher education is heavily subsidized by the government in Romania and a majority of Romanian students will enjoy free university education, depending on admission tests and past academic performance.

Even if that’s not possible, for example for foreigners, costs are low (between 1000-2000 EUR tuition per year) and make the cost/quality ratio of Iași higher education extremely hard to beat.

Iași is an affordable city. A well furbished relatively central studio can be rented for under 200 EUR a month. 300-350 EUR will get you a very good looking two bedroom apartment.

See Iași prices in detail here.

Main building of Cuza University at night

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